皇冠体育app的每个人都坚信女子学校教育对终身有益. Our leadership, faculty, 行政管理是我们社区的重要贡献者, 利用他们与学生的关系来教育思想和心灵. 我们在所有的追求中都追求卓越,并对有目的的女孩教育有着共同的热情.

Head of School

Paul A.Burke

Head of School


Mr. 保罗·伯克于2012年7月被一致任命为皇冠体育app学校的第七任校长. Mr. Burke, 就像他之前的皇冠体育app小姐和班福德小姐一样, embraces the philosophy that educating girls is a matter of both mind and heart and that girls’ schools educate girls best. He believes that a school where everyone is known encourages students to take intellectual risks and establish their own voices.


Mr. Burke’s time as the head of Nightingale’s Upper School provided him with rich relationships within the Nightingale community, 这让他对中国过去的优势和未来的需求有了深刻的理解.

这段经历告诉了. Burke’s commitment to creating a more diverse and equitable community as well as keeping the entire school within one building. Nightingale embarked on an ambitious Schoolhouse expansion under his new leadership that added 20 percent more additional space and reimagined nearly every corner of the building. It was essential to preserve the tradition of students of all ages under one roof to foster strong relationships, 皇冠体育app任务的重要组成部分, 同时也在追求21世纪校舍的愿景. 随着扩建工作的完成. 2017年,伯克将他的精力和领导力用于设计和实施一项新的战略计划. 2020年,皇冠体育app第二个世纪的开始. 伯克重新承诺要创造一个真正公平的社会, inclusive, 反种族主义学校.

“我一直认为,最好的学校首先以理念为导向,其次才是以人为本, 我对今天引领皇冠体育app的思想的力量和力量充满信心. 随着我们离开学越来越近 第二个世纪,我们作为一个有意识的,有思想的社区, yet long-standing belief in the capacity of a well-educated heart and mind to go beyond barriers for the betterment of all.”
— Paul A. Burke, 2017


Mr. Burke’s path to Nightingale took him through various academic institutions that shaped his views and informed both his approach to the world and his career choices. 他毕业于威廉姆斯学院,主修美国历史和美国研究. After college, 他成为了索尔兹伯里学校的辅导员, 康涅狄格州西部的一所男校. 在康涅狄格呆了三年之后. Burke returned to school to earn a master’s degree in educational administration through the prestigious Klingenstein program in private school leadership at Teachers College, 哥伦比亚大学. 在那里,他加入了Kappa Delta Pi荣誉协会. 哥伦比亚大学毕业后,. 伯克加入了布鲁克林的帕克大学学院, 他在那里当了八年大学辅导员, history teacher, 还有他在那里的最后五年, a dean of students.

Mr. 伯克和他的妻子是三个孩子的骄傲父母——一对双胞胎儿子和一个女儿, 皇冠体育app学院2027届的一员. He and his wife are co-teaching a Leadership seminar for the Political Science department at Williams College this year. 当他不经营学校或教书的时候. 伯克经常在清晨打篮球, 在中央公园遛狗, 或者寻找纽约最好的披萨.


Mr. Burke是他的高中母校Don Bosco Preparatory的董事会成员. 他还担任领导与设计委员会的成员, 1992年贝尔弗创新中心顾问委员会成员 & Social Impact. Previously, Mr. Burke served as President of the Board of the Independent School Admission Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY), as well as President of the Board of the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools (ICGS) where he currently serves as a Commissioner. In addition, Mr. Burke曾任职于Packer Collegiate Institute和the Browning School的董事会. 他是Riley 's Way Foundation和Summer Steps的创始董事会成员.


Rebecca J. Urciuoli


Dr. Rebecca J. Urciuoli担任初中校长已经四年了. Dr. Urciuoli与皇冠体育app有着长期而杰出的关系. She arrived at the school in 1994 as an Interschool fellow and assistant Kindergarten teacher and has held many roles, 包括四班班主任, 学习专业, 咨询主任, 中学临时联席校长, 也是低年级的副校长. 毕业于普林斯顿大学. Urciuoli还拥有哥伦比亚大学教育学硕士和学校心理学博士学位. 在离开皇冠体育app的那些年里. Urciuoli worked in the Lower School at two different independent schools and a Catholic high school in the Bronx.

她和她丈夫是皇冠体育app两个女孩的父母,19岁的简和23岁的妮娜. 当她不监督低年级的时候. Urciuoli自豪地为洋基队加油, 喜欢参加现场音乐表演, 并愉快地照顾家里的六只宠物.

Rebecca Oshins & Martha St. Jean

初中校长 & 高中校长

Ms. Rebecca Oshins is the 初中校长 (Classes V and VI) where she spends most of her days thinking about the emotional-development of pre-teens, 跨学科的项目, 还有最重要的早餐问题. 丽贝卡于2020年加入皇冠体育app社区,担任四班教师. 她之前在乔治杰克逊学院和圣. 她担任过课堂教师、顾问、课程编写者和工艺教师. 丽贝卡在纽约大学获得学士学位,在哥伦比亚大学获得教育学硕士学位. 丽贝卡是一个如饥似渴的读者和一个永不满足的旅行者. 虽然没有爱好,但她不会尝试, 目前,丽贝卡正专注于编织,并每月参加一场比赛.

Ms. Martha St. Jean是高中七、八班的校长。. 她于2021年加入皇冠体育app社区,担任中学副校长. 皇冠体育app之前, 她在纽约市教育局担任特殊教育工作者, 重点是包容性做法,并制定与文化相关和反应灵敏的课程. 她还曾担任iMentor的高级项目经理, 一个全国性的非营利组织,专注于为大学和职业准备提供指导. She holds a master’s in educational leadership from Bank Street College of Education and a master’s in secondary inclusive education from Teachers College, 哥伦比亚大学. She also holds an MS in journalism from 哥伦比亚大学’s Graduate School of Journalism and a BS in communication studies from New York University. 玛莎是美国需要你组织的董事会成员, a leading provider of intensive career development and leadership training to first-generation college students; mentors and coaches young people for the nonprofit Braven; and has hosted live online workshops for educational professionals, non-profits, and corporations.



Mrs. 妮可·福斯特-海因兹于2022年7月开始担任高中校长. 在加入皇冠体育app之前,她担任了五年的中学校长和卫生主任 & 社会福利 & 在马里兰州贝塞斯达的霍尔顿-阿姆斯学校进行了两年的情感学习. 除了担任部门主管外,她还担任公司董事. 福斯特-海因兹有近20年的数学教师经验, 曾在两所不同的学校担任数学系系主任. 她还领导了多元化, equity, 跨部门的包容、社会和情感学习努力, championed the review and renewal of curriculum and emphasis on competency-based curricular across subject areas, 并帮助开发和领导了她以前学校的签名“好好学习”, Live Well, 导井编程. Mrs. Foster-Hinds received her undergraduate degree from Purdue University along with two graduate degrees: an MBA from Penn State University and a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Mrs. 福斯特-海因兹激发了一种相互联系的文化, 专注于创建一个让学生感到彼此联系的社区, their teachers, 以及他们周围的世界. 她认真思考了学校需要团结一致来支持学生的许多方式.

Johara Sealy


Ms. 乔哈拉·西利(Johara Sealy)是皇冠体育app多元化战略的先锋, Equity, 和“共融”计划. 毕业于布林莫尔学院. Sealy believes in the transformative power of empowering young girls and women and is committed to creating spaces where all students are seen, heard, and valued. Ms. Sealy also holds a master’s degree in educational leadership politics and advocacy from New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education.

Having received a comprehensive education and cross-cultural exposure through attending an international school during her formative years, Ms. Sealy is a living testament to the benefits of an inclusive and multicultural learning community; she credits her passion for equity work to her educational experiences. Ms. Sealy is committed to collaborative change and is passionate about leveraging the multiplicity of voices and experiences in our community to build and sustain positive relationships amongst our community.

Ms. Sealy guides the members of our community into a clearer understanding that everyone has roles to play in the pursuit of equity and justice. She encourages and motivates our community members to be positive and effective agents of change on this journey.

Sebnem Giorgio


Ms. Sebnem Giorgio于2020年3月加入皇冠体育app. 作为首席财务官和首席运营官,她负责财务、设施、人力资源和IT. 在过去的12年里,她在非营利组织中担任过类似的领导职务. In her last role, 她是DREAM(前身为Harlem RBI)的首席财务和行政官。, 纽约的一所公立特许学校. 在过渡到非营利组织之前,她曾担任董事. 乔治在摩根士丹利和美林公司担任了十多年的投资银行家. 她是非营利组织“美国需要你”董事会的财务主管.

Ms. 乔治以最优等的成绩毕业于俄亥俄卫斯理大学,获得经济学和德国研究学士学位, 在那里她被选为优等生兄弟会成员. 她来自土耳其. 乔治是伊斯坦布尔一所女子私立学校的骄傲毕业生. She enjoys traveling internationally with her husband and two children and discovering the best coffee shops wherever she goes.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

200多名教师, specialists, coaches, 专业的员工带来非凡的专业知识, intellect, enthusiasm, 和幽默融入他们在皇冠体育app的角色. 我们共同创造了一个让每个学生都能出类拔萃的环境.

Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that the Nightingale mission is “relevant and vital to the community it serves,,如NAIS良好实践原则所述, 并与学院的战略方向保持一致. Our goal is for the board to reflect our community and include individuals from different backgrounds who hold complementary skills and expertise. 通过共同努力,我们的董事会将积极带领皇冠体育app进入第二个世纪.

Robert Azeke
P'31 P'33,总统
Philip Berlinski
P'24 P'31
Paul A. Burke
Ariel Chaus
P'30 P'32,司库
Shoshanna Gruss
'93 P'23 P'31
Maleha Haroon
P'22 P'24 P'28,家长协会主席,当然
'87 P'29
Julia Heaton
P'28 P'30
Jiyeun Lee
P'19 P'21 P'23,副总裁
Alain Massena
P'31 P'33 P'33
Celene Menschel
Raffiq Nathoo
Ken Natori
P'30, Secretary
Sallie R. Permar, MD, PhD
P'29 P'30
Roald Smeets
P'16 P'20 P'27
Randy Takian
P'27 P'29 P'31
Rebecca Grunwald
Nina Joukowsky
'79 P'09
Grant F. Winthrop
P'97 P'00 P'04
Dorothy A. Hutcheson