A vital destination of its own.

For too long, 中学一直被看作是初中和高中之间的一个过渡阶段——一个需要忍受的过渡阶段, rather than its own unique experience. At Nightingale, Middle School is the center of our students’ journey, where hard work brings joy, and community inspires confidence.

皇冠体育app从根本上知道,理智主义和幸福是最好的结合. 学生们愉快地学习,反过来,从人群中发展出个人的声音. They begin to assume leadership roles and head up teams. At the same time, Middle School builds in scheduled time for play and creative freedom, which allows the students to relax and explore new interests with intention. Nightingale students emerge from Class VIII as eager, enthusiastic learners who are ready for the challenges of Upper School.

Being anonymous is impossible at Nightingale. The faculty, advisory, 院长项目为每个学生的学术和社会情感需求创建了一个健全的框架. There is a constant focus on equity and inclusion, embracing others' differences with empathy, and becoming an ally. 皇冠体育app颠覆了关于中学的主流叙事,把一个经常被忽视的段落变成了自己的重要目的地.

Middle School Highlights

Spread Your Wings

部长会议是为期一周的课堂作业暂停,学生们沉浸在其中, 为课堂内容提供真实背景的跨学科体验. 从推销和营销新业务到与戏剧专业人士一起练习舞台战斗, 部长们让老师和学生们尝试一些活动和想法,这些活动和想法超出了他们在给定的上学日通常参与的活动和想法. 这些学期之间全天的课程刷新了学生联系和学习的方式.


A Unique Opportunity to Be Heard

皇冠体育app是纽约唯一一所拥有中学辩论队的女子学校. Students compete locally, regionally, and nationally. 中学辩手获得了与来自全市的400名男生和女生竞争的经验,并经常获得第一名, second, or third places. 五班在进入中学后进行辩论,这样他们就可以练习与他人谈判, articulating their ideas, and voicing their opinions while feeling heard in a supportive environment.

Nightingale is the only all-girls school in New York with a Middle School Debate Team.

Choose Your Adventure

Going beyond the traditional curriculum sets Nightingale apart from the pack. 学生选修从社会心理学到语言的力量,从博物馆教育到身份认同的各种辅修课程. 这是一种以关键技能和概念为基础的整体和跨学科的方法. By taking non-traditional electives, Nightingale students will not merely be the ones answering all the questions; they will be the ones creating them.

Nightingale students will not just answer all the questions; they will create them.

The "How" and the "Why"

中学优先教学生如何成为有组织、好奇和高效的学习者. The "how" and the "why" are pursued with vigor across the curriculum, as the students learn study skills, time management, how to argue effectively, and why it all matters. 发展这些核心能力对于本级别及以后的发展至关重要.


Years at a Glance

Programs & Curriculum

Discovering oneself and supporting others

中学鼓励每个学生了解自己真正的优势和兴趣所在, and to grow in competence, confidence, and initiative.